My Gear

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy in the world, because not only do I get to play with incredible musicians on a daily basis, but I also get to play with incredible musical gear.  I'm proud to have relationships with the following companies, who very generously support the Jessica Lynn Band in many different ways.  Their products truly represent the best that that the industry has to offer, so please visit them and check out the beautifully-crafted instruments and accessories from these amazing companies....




Other gear includes:
  • Fender Guitars
  • Guild Guitars
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Vox Amplification
  • Line 6 Amplification, Pedals and Wireless Systems
  • Pedals: Fulltone OCD, SansAmp GT2, Line 6 DL4, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, Xotic EP Booster, Digitech JamMan Looper, MXR Custom Comp, MXR Smart Gate, TC Electronic Polytune, Xotic EP Booster
  • Apple MacBook Pro with Logic and MainStage


Gear Videos